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Frequently asked questions

How can I get started?

Contact metabolic balance® of Indiana to make an appointment.

What happens next?

Coaches certified by the metabolic balance® Institute will guide you through the 4 phases of your program. At your first consultation, your coach will record your personal history and you will receive a lab order. After your blood tests, your lab results will return and your personal nutrition plan will be generated at the institute in Germany. Your metabolic balance® coach will help you start your plan and guide you throughout the time on the program.

How long does the program last?

You begin with phase 1. This preparation phase lasts two days. Phase 2, the strict adjustment phase, lasts a minimum of 14 days. During these first 16 days your coach will be at your side and assist you in any nutrition related questions. Thereafter, in phase 3, you integrate additional food into your diet. Your coach will also guide you through this phase. After an intense briefing and coaching on how to maintain your new found health and wellbeing, the program ends when you enter phase 4, the maintenance phase. Many participants stay on this phase for the rest of their life. This phase helps you to maintain your weight loss by following a simple set of nutrition rules.

Can I also participate in the metabolic balance® program without coaching?

No, we cannot provide nutritional plans without supervision, because the coaching is a significant part of your success. Your metabolic balance® coach becomes your helping hand throughout your program. Their knowledge of the program and strong moral support will help you to overcome obstacles for a greater success.

I am on the move the whole day. Can I still participate?

Your meal plan is flexible enough to be incorporated into your daily schedule and allows you to plan ahead. You will have to commit to some changes and your metabolic balance® coach will help you find solutions to make the program work for you. By the way, you will receive a recipe list with easy to prepare meals. Your coach will also explain how you can go out to eat while remaining on your program.

How about hunger and cravings?

It is normal to get moderately hungry right before mealtime; however, most participants report no or little hunger, and no cravings.

Do I have to continue eating as I did in the strict adjustment phase?

No, after your metabolism has adjusted to your new eating habits and you have reached your goals, you enter the phases 3 and 4. Now you can back off a little bit while still losing weight and maintaining your weight loss. Many participants start to notice which food items are good for them and which aren't. If you splurge, for instance during the holidays, just go back for a week or two to the strict adjustment phase and you should be back on track.

Do I have to eat all the foods listed in my nutrition plan?

Yes, you should. Your scientifically designed personal nutritional plan is a balance of food items, uniquely designed just for you. The selected food items support your metabolism and provide you with the components your body needs. If it is too much food, your coach will help you to make adjustments. In addition, you should simply embrace some new experiences. Expirience shows, that your taste will change. The recipes and new food preparation ideas will help you to enjoy and become familiar with your plan.

Do I have to follow the specified amounts exactly?

It is necessary that you follow all the specified amounts required in your diet, particularly in phase 2. This information directly correlates with your targeted weight. Once you have reached your goals, you can lead a fairly normal life while maintaining your weight.

Is it possible that I feel hungry in the strict phase?

If you follow your plan precisely, you should not be hungry. At the end of each meal you should feel full, thanks to the healthy high-energy foods, which keep your insulin leveled.

I am a vegetarian. Can I participate in the metabolic balance® program?

Yes, the following types of vegetarians can participate: Lacto-vegetarian, Ovo-vegetarian, Pescatarians, Flexitarian. If you do not eat any animal protein and live solely on fruit, eating vegetables and grains as a strict vegan, unfortunately you cannot participate in the metabolic balance® program. If you would like to get more information about the medical background, you can read the book "metabolic balance® - Your Personalized Nutrition Roadmap". This new book is available through metabolic balance® of Indiana LLC for $18.50 plus shipping & handling. Please contact us to order your copy.  

I have tried everything and only have had short-term success that has not lasted. Will my results be different with metabolic balance®?

metabolic balance® is not a diet in the traditional sense. Your nutritional plan is your own individualized plan. The plan is based solely on your individual lab data, metabolism, and nutritional diet. If you follow the program precisely you have a high probability of reaching your weight loss goal. During the program you will learn which food items are specifically good for you. This knowledge will give you the power to control your weight. Your phase 4 rules will guide you to maintain the weight while enjoying a normal lifestyle. If you gain some weight over the holidays, you can take it faster off than it came on. The math is just right with metabolic balance®.

Do you guarantee the program works?

You have to follow the personalized plan and the instructions that come with it. So success really depends on you following your personal plan. We will help you by minimizing hunger and cravings. Once you have decided that metabolic balance® is right for you, your coach will support you all the way.

How much does the metabolic balance® program cost?

You can inquire about the costs for your participation at your metabolic balance® center. The costs may vary depending on yourgoals , your needs and the program you choose. If you can't find a center, contact

Disclaimer: metabolic balance® United States Inc. and metabolic balance® of Central Indiana do not claim any medical results. Any described improvements in health or wellness are based on individual results and cannot be guaranteed. As on most diets, individual weight loss or weight maintenance results do vary and cannot be guaranteed.