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4 easy steps to get started

How to reach your personal goal in 4 easy steps...

1. Contact metabolic balance® of Central Indiana to make an appointment.

Call us at (317) 564-2333 or send an email to

We will help you to identify the most convenient metabolic balance® Coaching Center and schedule an appointment for you. You can also go here to find a facility closer to you and call directly.


2. During the consultation appointment

You can ask questions you have regarding the metabolic balance® Program. The coach will help you to find the package which best fits your needs. If you decide to join the metabolic balance® Program, you will receive your lab order for your test. We work with LabCorp, and we can direct you to the closest, most convenient lab for you.


3. Your blood is evaluated in a lab facility and the data is sent to our headquarters by your metabolic balance® coach.

Your individual nutritional plan will be created based on your lab values, your personal history and your goals. The plan allows for an all-natural healthy adjustment of your diet without buying food items from metabolic balance®. Many participants report that they surprisingly have no cravings or hunger. 


4. You will receive your personal nutritional plan in a private session with your coach.

Your coach explains in detail, how the four phases of the metabolic balance® program help you to succeed. During the program your metabolic balance® coach will support you to reach your goal. There are many other components in this program to assist you. Call us to find out about all the help you will get from your metabolic balance® coach.