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Body Unlimited supports metabolic balance®

By Sylvia Egel - Posted on 21 March 2011

In the inaugural Battle of the Bulge three contestatnts from each of four Kokomo gyms will learn about cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, and nutrition. Starting in March 2011, members of Kokomo Sports Center, Anytime Fitness, Club Fitness 24 and Body Unlimited intend to improve their health and their fitness during this 12 week event. The Kokomo Tribune will let their readers in on all the transformations with weekly updates in the Tribune and blogs on its web site.

Body Unlimited has pledged its support to metabolic balance® and works with Sylvia Egel from metabolic balance of Indiana to achieve the perfect integration between fitness and nutrition. In a recent feature article, the Kokomo Tribune reports: "Body Unlimited owner Jeff Bloss says that great nutrition is not enough. He also says a great trainer and excellent exercise are not enough.The secret to getting to your ideal weight and fitness level, he says, is a combination of the right personal trainer and the right nutrition."... "Ploss endorses the Metabolic Balance all-natural weight management system. All three of the Body Unlimited contestants are following the program. 'I have never seen anybody fail on this,' he said, a strong endorsement from Ploss, who said he has never endorsed a nutritional program in all his years in the fitness industry. Working with nutritional guru Sylvia Egel, participants are able to rid themselves of the cravings for unhealthy food and replace it with proper fuel for their bodies."

The full article can be found at the Kokomo Tribune web site and Body Unlimited can be found at