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The Four Phases of the Program

Phase 1 - Preparation

This first phase (two days) prepares your body and digestive system for the metabolic change. It is designed to gently cleanse your intestinal tract and starts to detoxify your body.

Phase 2 - Strict Adjustment

This phase takes at least 14 days and is designed to "switch on" your metabolism and starts balancing your bio-chemistry. You will strictly follow the guidelines in your individualized plan and learn to make them your own. Your body will start to change and you will start noticing several healthy advantages such as loss of weight, increased energy and focus, and will start feeling stronger and healthier. Your coach will be there to answer any questions and assist you throughout this process.

Phase 3 - Relaxed Adjustment

In this phase you will be allowed to test and add some new foods. You will even be able to enjoy a special occasion, and learn how to "cheat" responsibly. As your body becomes rebalanced, your senses of taste and smell become more heightened and you will be more in tune with your body's nutritional needs and learn to listen to what your body is telling you. 

Phase 4 - Maintenance

The maintenance phase teaches you to maintain and keep your target weight and health benefits that you have achieved. You take security in your new understanding and knowledge regarding your body's nutritional needs. Your new life-style is yours to enjoy and increases the quality of your life in incredible ways.