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Limitations & Disclaimer

metabolic balance® has been developed by physicians and qualified nutritional scientists in Germany. However, metabolic balance® United States INC. and metabolic balance® of Indiana LLC are not health care organizations and do not provide any health care. Our staff will provide you with physician approved nutritional information to promote your weight loss. Our staff will not give you any medical advice.

For all health care questions and issues you must refer to your personal health care provider. Persons diagnosed with a disease, on medication or on diets already recommended by physicians, must consult with their health care provider before participating in the program.

If you are suffering from a disease that contraindicates weight loss, you can only participate with specific referral by your health care provider.

Exclusions: metabolic balance® is not for everone!

Individuals who are ...

  • expecting or nursing mothers,
  • experiencing severe kidney insufficiency,
  • treated with neuroleptic medications,

... cannot participate in the program.

Also, children under the age of 8 cannot participate.

Other conditions might prevent you from participation in the program. metabolic balance® reserves the right to decline participation for persons incompatible with the program.

Disclaimer: metabolic balance® United States Inc. and metabolic balance® of Indiana LLC do not claim any medical results. Any described improvements in health or wellness are based on individual results and cannot be guaranteed. As on most diets, individual weight loss or weight maintenance results do vary and cannot be guaranteed.