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Learn more about metabolic balance®

What is metabolic balance®?

metabolic balance® is an individualized weight management program. It has been developed in Germany by physicians and nutritional scientists. With the aid of this program, you can re-adjust your current diet and follow a diet profile, which is healthy, completely balanced and custom-tailored for you. The foundation is your personal nutritional plan based on your lab values and personal history. metabolic balance® can help you to:

  • resolve your personal weight problems in a healthy and fast way
  • achieve steady weight loss without plateau
  • maintain the weight loss yourself while living a normal lifestyle

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How does metabolic balance® work?

The personalized nutritional plan is created to balance your personal "body chemistry" with the "food chemistry" suitable for you individually. Not only will you eat healthy but also supply your body with nutrients and minerals required for a proper auto-regulation of the metabolism. Your individual plan reflects your very own personal needs and relates only to you.

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I have tried everything. Why would metabolic balance® work?

It works! And it works fast! Usually there is no plateau observed. There is no need to be hungry. Usually participants report no hunger and no cravings. We don’t sell pills, powders or portioned food items. You buy the food items on your list at your grocery store. Once the weight loss is achieved you will receive the tools and knowledge required to keep the weight off on your own.

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How do I achive weight reduction through metabolic balance®?

With your individual nutrition plan you supply your body only proper nutrients. Food is not selected according to calorie count or percentage of fat, protein and carbohydrates. The only selection criteria is the effect of the food on your hormonal balance. Therefore you promote a healthy metabolism and natural insulin release. With the help of few simple rules for preparing food and new eating habits you can achieve and maintain your goal while strengthening your entire hormonal balance.

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Who would be a good candidate for the metabolic balance® program?

  • Anybody who needs to lose 10 to 300 lbs. or more
  • If your health care provider advises you to lose weight and you are looking for a healthy way to follow his/her advise.

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What kind of health improvements can I achieve with metabolic balance®?

metabolic balance® United States Inc. and metabolic balance® of Indiana LLC are not health care organizations. We do not provide any health care services and we do not promise any medical results. There are commonly recognized health benefits associated with weight loss. Certain metabolic balance® participants have been individually able to enjoy certain improvements. You need to discuss any health benefits you wish to achieve through weight loss with your health care provider.

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