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About metabolic balance® of Indiana LLC

metabolic balance® of Indiana LLC is the premier, independantly operated metabolic balance® coaching center for holistic natural weight management in the midwest.

Located just north of Indianapolis, we serve all of central Indiana with our personal, on-site and on-line coaching services. With direct access to all the metabolic balance® home office resources in Germany, we are in the unique position to offer you the best and most comprehensive guidance and support for your journey to a balanced metabolism.

Sylvia Egel, head coach and owner of metabolic balance® of Indiana LLC, is a fully qualified metabolic balance® coach. Born and raised in Germany she directly translates and integrates all available information from German sources into your personalized plan. Her masters in education sciences from the University of Mainz allows her to pragmatically tailor your plan to maximize your results and the program's value to you.

If you want to ...
   â–º reduce your weight fast and safely 
  â–º improve your wellness
   â–º enhance your energy and vitality
   â–º maintain your weight loss permanently

... do not hesitate and contact Sylvia at metabolic balance® of Indiana today:

     â–º by phone: (317) 564-2333

     â–º via email: