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Why metabolic balance?

By Sylvia Egel - Posted on 09 June 2009

Even though I have been working-out quite some years, I have been stuck on my plateau. I saw people in the Sports Center, who could eat whatever they wanted and still lose weight ... I just couldn't! Even just looking at a chocolate bar, I started putting on the weight – or had to take an extra speed walk around the house to keep it off.

When I learned about metabolic balance from childhood friends while visiting with them in Germany, I saw an opportunity for myself.  Soon after starting on my personalized metabolic balance plan, I realized metabolic balance had a much bigger impact on me then I had anticipated. Not only did I lose weight easier than I ever had – it changed my understanding of health and initiated the return of my enjoying to cook and eat again.

Seeing healthy changes in my family and friends as a result of their metabolic balance participation, I realized, that I would like to share this experience with others. Suddenly I saw the puzzle pieces of my life come together …! 

… it is exciting to see people changing due to a new found parameter in their lives. I love to see those changes and love to listen to those stories! I live for good changes! I would love to be on your side, when you make the change in your lifestyle! 

Have a sunny day – with rainbows, if it rains,